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Your Smile Has Me Cornered

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Your Smile Has Me Cornered

When I was young, they told me that through the visceral haze of used bullets, nuclear whispers, and mental tremors
Lied a force that conquer God and Man
Love, they called it, the uncurable affliction
It soaked the souls of men at night
Not I, I flailed, Not I

It’s trails lied before me like the morbid gas above the blue of day
An ecstastic laugh among friends, a caring touch in our times of despair, a knowing look among lovers
In this electric fantasy we call Earth, I couldn’t feel the texture, scan it’s image, or clutch the scent
Not I, with a weary sigh, Not I

In the salient ease of a friendly den, the spirit lurked, and I was wholly unprepared
Like the damp caress of Death, I hadn’t known the path I was on until the destination was before me
Her eyes were like walkways into lands this world could not hold
The heat of her distant embrace made me shiver in uncertainty
Did Time rejoice in the inevitability of our meet, or did it flinch and bend at our glance?
My soul lied on the refurbished church pews of my mind, staring through broken windows
Not I, it wailed, Not I

In all those twisted truths and porcelain white lies of my teachings, how is this the only truth?
They say a man isnt one until he places his hands on another’s land
And yet her silk flag was lodged for all to see
A conquered man never felt so free

Oh, Solemn World

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

Throught the valleys, above the planes
The Sun has always shined this way
Peace in the west, War in the east
The Night struggles on like a blinded beast

The Story continues, never told
As tears climb down and life unfolds
Peasants cry out misfortunes late
While Emperors dream of empires great

We’ve all walked down that unpaved road
Marching towards the Dawn with nowhere to go
In choatic silence, we all have thought
Are our souls just pawns in the Chess games of Gods

As furious as we believe our light shines bright
We rejoice for our flame may relinquish tonight
We smile, for all can be seen sublime
And sigh as our destinies are shackled by Time

Behind the veil of difference, our wants are the same
An untainted smile, a life lived not in vain
The transient epipany we’ve all felt in dread
A Universal tapestry, our lives just a thread

Jesters of the past become Kings of Today
For Love and Kingdoms all fade away
All conflict reoccurs with frightening precision
Only looking novel through our altered vision

A testement of Defeat, this hymn that I write
One of millions more scribed under fleeting light
Whether your palace is barren or adorned bright with pearls
We all walk alone in this cold solemn world


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Original Composition by Justin Banks

Attributes are custom made, for those who can’t rejuvenate.
Genes colliding! Genes dissolving
The path we walk is only half ours
The ancestors’ silent grip on our fate
Look at another, mix and you match it
What you are without, do not run, can not catch it
Attributes are the trademarks of Gods and Kings
Attributes are the degrees of slaves and dreams
Senses within, transform in an instant
Pouring out in a movement, attributes won’t deceive you
Paint a new mask, attributes won’t believe you
It’s time to attack our last impressions
Social war, social transgression
Reveal the core of a nearby soul
Revel the clues of an exported thought
Watch a human closely, create perfection in their mind
Attributes will shatter your canvas
Attributes are conflict and resolution
Watch a human closely, contorting all the time
Attributes see a heart in the distance, while trapped within the mind.

Destruction Pending

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

And God stares into the assembly line of Creation
the slowly tilting machinery and a precision that Man could never know
Even the Lord drifts into a sea of banality as those well-adjusted drones mill by…

And so God awoke on the next day and worked Her hands raw
Molding and twisting and pushing and pressing the clay into finer coils
And so the originals walked forth, the eccentric, the strange, those who walked to the rhythm
of God’s fingernails railing against cold desks
Those who made us say if this isn’t design, will we worship the Accident?
But Her hands became numb, so She sat back down and the drones ran the earth.

Ballad of the Deviants

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

Shattered glass and lost property
Wherever we roam
God wasn’t there when we snuck in the floodgates
God was lost in a karmic reflection

And the world didn’t need us, but we plundered it so.
Society is a trench, handshakes and gaseous fumes
Box in their lives with homogeneous tombs
We never walked, we wandered with intent and misguided purpose

What is a journey shattered in a burst of shards?
A short life with undecided regrets
What is a love that seeps through the soul and into the air?
We were never meant to love at all.
And who creates the definition of serenity and abomination?
Anyone with eyes and a critical mind.

God Bless the Sun

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

An old woman gracefully said to me
Through glassy eyes
“Even the Sun must fall”

She didn’t sound very convincing
I raised an eyebrow in her honor
And hastily careened to another street corner

The myth of her tongue laced my synapses
for eleven days and a drunken hour
Man can reach for the spoils of this land
But mortality, that’s ours to keep

I met her again, a year or so later
Still dancing to that roving beat
“In a far away day with only memories of rain,
the Sun will wheeze as it grows
The melody of wind will feedback and rescind
Sounds like cries of blackened crows
With a blast of light, we’ll be swallowed like slop
Our achievements all burned to an ash”

What a horrid perspective, I thought to myself
This is apathy displayed through prophechy
If the townspeople heard this potent threat
They’d throw work to the dogs tomorrow
The thought that even the Sun must look through
that cosmic window
Thinking to itself,
“Damn it, I did the best I could”
As proposterous as that woman’s rhythm

I must stop this deviant’s propoganda
Productivity lies in the balance
Thus I appeared on an adjacent street corner
with a picket sign that read
“God Bless the Sun”


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Slept last night
And drowned in a vision
Of cobblestones roads and exasperated pink Twilight
Sreets illuminated in twitching light
Slow footed travellers and nervously tranquil air
The timbre of her voice I had known
But from where had it gone

Windows of lifetimes, long since passed
I peered into today
With soothing suns and tilted moons
And brand new shades of gray

Right Now

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Right Now

Right Now
Original Composition by Justin Banks

And then I’ll embrace the world
As it seems so cold right now
And then I’ll emerge with a smiling face
As they hate to see me frown

And then I’ll pay these bills, finances are made to be in order
And then I’ll eat better, the decay outweighs the sweet
And then I’ll worship a God, living for you isn’t as nice as it sounds
And then I might run something myself, I want at least someone below me

And then I’ll stop using, the drugs used to live for me.
And then I’ll read a book, I know nothing and want to know less.
And then I’ll get that job, for a person is nothing without a label.
And then I’ll watch the water, I never have time for such simple things.
And then I’ll turn off the TV, why watch them do things you can do.
And then I’ll be a bit nicer, to create a smile not of my own.
And then I’ll be a fighter, so respect and fear are fleeting.
And then I’ll be a charmer, they’ll be mine with just a greeting.
And the’ll go on an adventure, I need more stories to tell.
And then I’ll call in sick, and live, for routine is boredom in action.
And then I’ll tell them I need them, for love and lives fall adrift.
And then I’ll move away, far way, my soul needs something new to touch.

Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist

Sullen Woman

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Sullen Woman

Original Composition by Justin Banks

Oh, Sullen Woman
Her eyes pierce through the world
Loosened her tie for no one
Oh how the hair unfurled

She sailed across the street
Calm like whispers in a dream
How elegant she fit right in
Like rain joining a stream

Wasted words she’d not expend
To strangers or to friends
She’d lost the mind of other ones
And would not lose it again

The painted masks and vibrant hands
Sometimes told a lie
Oh, sullen woman had the thing
That can’t be felt by eyes

The Ball is here and they all dance
For hungry men to see
Oh, sullen woman, head downturned
Will you mean so much to me?