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A Vision Unlike a Memory

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

The fire of my spirit laid
bare on ice
As Night became a texture
Free of the fright that comes with light
As sins take flight like Angels

My sight is but a rumor
Changing shape as it is passed
This night is a passing limousine
With a jewel-adorned hand
and a velvet tone
Beckoning for my shadow

Light and Darkness are dancing
That is always how it was
Now Light watches the Dark
From a chair with uneven legs
His eyes sculpting shapes out of
shafes of blue
Her feet are growing weary
It’s time to rise and lift her away
For she never knows when to quit

And as I drift under lanterns
That dream of immortality
Witnessed a foreign color in the
marrow of the sky.
An Empyrean riot, I thought to myself
and continued to drift

In a mirage without a journey
Seconds pass without distance
A vision unlike a memory.

Motel Afterglow

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

Saw a fractured angel, cast in motel afterglow
Where is it she stared so far?
Rum and ammunition up the street
The world has let her down

The serpents are creeping in
Her time is moving slowly
Her displacement is real and
Now she feels
Her Light is a fading current

Look at those shaded features
And those tunneled eyes
Where you goin tonight, my angel? Why have you landed in hell?
You got to spread your love around
This far fetched town

And your keeper
He sits in a box with
Half burned cigars and a blurry screen
The world has let him down but in his mind
He’s taking a piece of it first

My fluorescent angel
Our eyes met at a burning corner
Love at first sight is merely confusion
A painting on your battered face
The tone of your beckoning was lacerated
By years of wasted days

I don’t believe you, frozen angel
Passion comes at a price.
She bathed in motel afterglow
She was never cleansed.