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The Final Sigh of Toussaint

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Within the soul of every sullen Pharoah lies a precious slave
Oh if they could hear the tears that wail in the blue of the sleeping hours
Or see the blood and sweat that falls gently upon the freshly laid tracks
As men fall by the minute, and the torrent swells within
Before shovel met with sky, I saw the heavenly hues of pink
that drift away from the daft mornings of our working
Like taunting angels through prison walls
The world goes deeper than the land we hide from
We didn’t have to be taught to know that much is true
But the end of suffering is never far away
Contentment and freedom are fleeting but never memories.

I wish no ill-will or death to no man.
Yet the unyielding desire for the security of my soul and history
is a selfish burning indeed.
Revolution festers in the corridors of the minds held away from their natural path.
One must grab the gun, when existence in itself is held as inferior.
The need to set things right
when the definition of right is still to be written
can be traced in the shadows of our actions.

The whimpers have silenced.
The others coalesce in the stillness of the moonlit air.
Our languages are shattered.
Our unity is overflowing
Through the aching dilapidation of the cabin walls.
There was always a light
That laid transparent in the darkest edges of our foresight.

Now the light is whole.
All that can be seen is what the eyes will bring.
There is no time for gestures or telling expressions.
There is no time for words.
Our guns are held.

And She’s Searching

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

Love is never waiting on the edge of the twin size bed.
Though she’s looked there twice
Walking out the door
Optimism following behind

She’s looking for the signal
The neon lights that flicker during day
She’s looking for sensation
Bored with feelings, just sensations
Sick of resolve and temptation
Something she can impact

She’s lifting up the world
Just to see for a minute what’s under
Tear concept of heaven and hell asunder
Life is both and both forever
If only she could pull a moment out of the ether
And examine it

Love is the door at arms length from her.
There’s a key permanently attached to her soul.
The only challenge is turning.