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Architect of Revenge

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

There’s a lover beside a column in the night’s flaccid grip
Behold the knife
There’s a bride grasping a bottle in the glow of a sense dispenser
She will return

A Brother in the shadows, Empires mounting
Picket signs and throwing stones
Citizens shouting
The force that pulls between us
What did they feel before?

Caressing a firearm as the hallway goes round your spine
Nothing but calm behind the wall
Dropping an anchor down the shaft of the sea
While your rage floats above you
Balloon spinning round you
Filled to the brim with your

Eating the slow, bridges turning
Words erode, the deaf are learning
Surge of passion, love bequeathed you
Sense sleeps in a hostel in a town beneath you

Did Rage tell you he could use your hand?
Don’t expect him to feed you.
The force that pulls between us
What did they feel before?

The Incredible Setback

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

Lay down a new ambition
Watch for land mines where you stand
You’ll need gloves the way you handle things
A thorn within your palm
Setback in the trench again
Setback on the road

Heading right towards the station now
Need a refill on your luck
But life has got you captive now
You’re spirit’s in the trunk
Setback on the pier’s horizon
Setback within hope

Look for patterns in the actions
Details stretch out and emerge
Morals spinning off an axis
World twisting on your terms
Setback in the wind again
Setback on a whim

An angel on your perimeter gates
Yawns and spreads it arms
Thought you had it figured out
Every Dead Man has before
Setback on the range again
Setback till you change