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Knights of the Matriarch

In Uncategorized on May 13, 2010 at 6:46 pm

Original Composition by Justin Banks

Lord, fear the march of the love stained shields!

Salt the soil in the fire of a romantic dawn

We are the vengeance of the blunted sword
The patient fist
Liquid tyranny
Political cyst

Paving a path, four nights long
Drunken andĀ armored, shouting the song
When the harmony breaks
They’ll know it’s too late
We’ve welcomed your angels into our palace

When the weak-willed child of midnight
Spills upon the sky
We find the desolate survivors
Dancing among the rye

Do not bludgeon or plunder
Says the top ranker
Let them perspire for her glory
Let her words calm them in the shackled nights

We are the knights of the matriarch
Her fairness brought us here
Curse the towns of foreign dames
Tie their hair with fear

Raise an arrow for the matriarch
She curves beyond this world
Her scorn will topple the columns of empires lost
Her love makes sirens sound
Her scorn has brought us together
Her love destroyed your town

Free Radical

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

There’s a genesis of love in the smile
of a passer by
I’ve fled my shoes off
Time to fight
Let your needs become beasts
in the halls of night
No one asked me to exist
We’re just stuck here, I suppose
This worlds a collage
Chaos beyond your nose
In your foolishness, you told me
Love is an ocean
In my clarity, I’m beneath the floor
Where the sound starts to stutter
Where the salt starts to blind me
Give me advice if not you’re hatred
Anything but the contour of that face
You know the one
Or at least you have everyone convinced
I’m an intruder in your system
I knew it from the start
We race for a shot
To see how far we can stay
Before pathogens strike
I’m lying face up in the shallow isle
of your beliefs
A shattered picture of myself floats by
A cold child paces on a shore nearby
He needed your genes.