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Sylvia Broke a Glass

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

Deadlines have eroded the peaks of her smile
The man she loves has eyes that skip for others and float for her
Label me shallow, label me frank
I am entitled to more than this, four walls are too many

Charge and dissolve, gather & release energy
What of the plate she admired through a window in Vienna
The way the beams of fluorescence bend above and around it
What of it now?

37 years of rowing through the fog, contributing to the haze
With lit cigarettes and bonfires on the shore
People bound together by the mania of affection
What of the fantasies of dynasties that hovered above in those prominent years
What of them now?

The vines that hang below the iron castles of Babylon have entangled her
Caught in the age of dulled minds, how will she sever them?
When he returns from the flights of debauchery, haunted by the scent of Gin
We will rest in the bed of Separation
With covers of sandpaper and pillows of light

She could pull a dagger crafted by an optimistic Smith
Duel with frustration until the blue carriage of dawn signals the parade of morning hours

Sylvia broke a glass object against a wall of peeling colour, in a house of declining passion
Everything’s alright.

The Battle of Amygdala

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

Logic fell first when the war began
As faith hid and morals ran
Emotions have weapons of immense capability
Soldiers and Priests shake in shared fragility

Pride exclaims on the moistened mountain top,
“My death will be the most spectacular of all!”

Fear waits in a trench below, scoffing at the notion.

Love throws pebbles while sitting on a rock, thinking to herself,
“I could shatter their souls within my frayed hands, but why…”

“Because everything suckles upon the teat of destruction,” whispers Anger, his coarse
beard sliding upon the neck of Love.

Disgust attempts to wash away the sounds of chaos with the pitter patter of a nearby waterfall, to no avail.

Wonder holds sadness whilst leaning against the jagged rock, running fingers through gray hair. “If only you could see what I see, the horizon, the orchestra of birds in flight, the smell of winter air…”

Sadness responds, “I see all that you see, and then some…”

Humor lowers a pair of binoculars at the crest of a burning hill, and slyly mutters, “you all appear different but the conflict remains the same.”

Courage and Contentment fly a plane below a violet-tinged sky, below a field of hollowed shells and dreams without turrets.

Contentment asks, “don’t they know that any one of them can only hold this land for so long? Rule is as fleeting as Anger and Love.”

To which Courage replied, “Quiet your thoughts and drop the bomb.”