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Moonlight Hungers for the Soul

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Original Composition by Justin Banks


Moonlight is caught with dawn
Dribbling from it’s brazen fingers
Crying, “Guilty am I
The shine isn’t enough
Nothing can blind me but
The birth of another universe
And that’s too long to wait”

Hunger for the soul
That walks down blown out alleys
Parallel to the river
Overflowing with need
Regurgitate their bended minds
Like a fattened warlord engorged with wine
Taste the troubles down the spine
I’m feeding

Hunger for the tear
Not many, just one will do
Eat the culprit, leave his clues
It tastes frightening

Hunger for the plight
Seasoning with reasoning
Lay memories on a field
Of this world’s revolutions
And feast on salt and absolution

As morning comes and drops a check
Popular widows hang their necks
Moonlight leans and wipes it’s lips
Satiated with broken patience


Except Ego

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Original Composition by Justin Banks


To carve a shard of memory
From the monolith of experience
Tender, brittle, it’s fine powder
Sticking to our weathered fingertips
Plunge a foot, with it’s grotesque contours
Lined at the bottom with childhood soot
Chafed flesh, vibrant pink
Plunge this hollow appendage into unconscious seas

Stir these waters
As fangtooths and grenadiers ascend from a nether realm
With tiles of frustration, the sounds and scents of experience
compressed into dense sedimentary walls

A mind enslaved by atavism
A virgin’s sensation of light gives sight
to loves mist-racked ledgers

How long will the vicissitude of this holy land last?
Lay in wait, 89 years, give or take
As radical happenings and second-hand beliefs
Spark and fade away
Like fireworks in the fading azure
of a torrential night.