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Tides of March

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

We laid upon the rocks, tilted orange by the collapsing night
“Neptune will soon replace the moon,” she exclaimed,
“Do you believe it is too soon?”

The ghost of communication crouched within the branches of the palms
Snickered at our folly
As we stretch for strands of love
We trotted along a narrow path
Foliage split beneath our feet
Our fractured sentences whisked in the sonic waves
Like a feather in the violent dusk

She placed her basket on the sitting stone with sensual abandon
We spoke of the cinematic treasures of European states
This surge of anxiety powers me at frightening rates
Her eyes measure my distance, so much further in fact
Is love the remark infatuation retracts?

The coils of winter fell apart
As our kinship sprang forth from a nether void
The daughter of paranoia whispers from the steps of my soul
“This affair will be washed away by the tides of march, and it’s soothing air.
Enjoy it while she cares.”

Scholar of Poverty

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

Diminished dreams float and disperse in the neutral space
Between walls of commerce
Where bottle remains and empty packets of intoxicants lie
This is my thinking space, this is my land

Tones of beige, hues of gray
Slowly peel from walls above
The haze of depression breaks the wings
Like blackened oil upon a dove

Blasts of powder ring and echo
Within this emptied night
Volumes of worlds are clutched as fathers and futures
Vanish from sight
These are my streets, this is my land

The higher the rates, the further the gap
Men drink until they slide into the freedom of naps
The tyrant of ignorance reigns from the skies
We worship as jealousy pours from our eyes

New families indoctrinated in the rules of the faith
Wages garnished as offspring are drowning in wait
Fear is the bulbous and pulsating cloud
Attain knowledge in hopes of emerging from shrouds

Bahia, Kingston, & New Orleans

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

The water warped chariots of the predestinate
Glide upon the pangeatic coast
We spoke among kalengo strikes
in the chill of a foamy night
As merchants spoke of profit
within the tapestry of fire
Straw thatch huts, the failing fingers of wordsmen spin tales
Of love and loss to come
The threads of our tribal ties
the spirits we cling to
the density of our percussion
Rearranged in the endless fog
of economic discourse
Patriarchs and entrepreneurs gesture amongst themselves
Men laugh and drink in the shallow irony of their last free night
As women grasp the offspring they will never hold again
Our pathway collided with the inflamed mist of an August day
The emerging grey of October’s dusk
The days that lie between, in the throes of dysentery and famine
Threw our culture, our language, our worrisome mothers
Into the furnace of the essential
We practiced capoeira among the tropical labyrinths
Picked chords of solitude near commercial fields
Crafted a new style of oratory
from the sands of subsaharan semantics
Allah and Oludumare stared in heavenly awe
At the diamond obelisk of a Christian lord
We mixed the dissonant lyre hymns
with Irish song and sang “Black is the Colour”
We made our horns sing with the sorrow of a melody
pushed past it’s breaking point
Our drums were silenced
Thus, we layered the chants of a Louisiana ritual
The pastels upon a Harlem canvas
The steps among the creaking floors of a Savannah studio
From the favelas atop the Rio hills
To the plains of the Liguanea
The ties are tried but not broken
From the rain upon Angola
To the bands of New Orleans
The ties are tried but never broken