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Tarkovsky 77

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

What lies beyond the edge of an image?
The land of sound’s insignificance
The isles of sensation
A zone of unlimited transparency

And what lies within?
The distilled essence of existence
The skittish fawn of nostalgia
The unyielding deposition of time

Galloping Ghost

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

A dense fog marinates the mountaintops
Visions of sands finer than nerves detect
Project without hesitation
Passions that scream logic’s name in the night
Sooth the southern journey
For down goes the road
Where desire and perseverance conspire
And spirits balk at the thought of tethered bodies

Thoughts are merely echoes of existence
Solidity is but a union of molecules
Sound is a disturbance in the calm of solidity
The energy that lies in the white hot core of humanity
Is equal to the force of universal conception
It rests within the living, it’s draped over the contours of the Dead

The light that exudes the the bridge of Growth
Becomes the night that shrouds the gorgeous cavern of Decay

Mi tresteza es una ola

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

My apathy is a firefly amongst the tapestry of war
My frustration is the summer light upon Pontianak balconies
My serenity is the ridge, chiseled by God’s rage
Or is it yet the moist blue that billows before dawn
My anger is the pig of the Chilean trash heap, gnawing at corroded vegetation
My elation is the Death of the Sun, a red hue coming forth beyond thought
My pride is the vibrant rapids, magnetized by the unknown forces of the depths
My wonder is a Panther at the edge of the Pongo, dreaming of natural flight
My love is the width between glaciers, where light floats and air implodes
My birth is the harmony of the slave hull gospel
A fusion of weathered spirits not meant to last.