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Bernays’ Disease

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Cigars and aged wine circulate the office
How do we tap inside?
The human wants and human needs
Rarely coincide

The animal lurks in all of us
It wants to be adored
The passion of adulation bubbles and fumes
It cannot be ignored

Fresh products for the citizenry
Sooth their docile minds
Steer the herd, while convincing them
Their wool is one of a kind

You wish the heart of the dame
That sings across the hall?
Lease this vehicle, drive her wild
Are the pressures of this modern world
beginning to lift you down?
Try our new illness, severe or mild

Create the illusion of satisfaction
Questionnaires, surveys, and polls
The dance of capitalism only works
with some semblance of control

Dividends and balance sheets
This is the world we know
We don’t profit on human minds
but the beast that lies below.

13 Ways to Regenerate Your Dreams

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

When the hands with which you mold and craft
Become blackened lungs in mining shafts
Cheap whiskey and bags of tea
Are all your evenings seem seem to be

You wish to be a scholar’s myth
Upon blue soil you lie adrift
A reporter’s statement made perverse
“Oh time, it shames the Universe”

Your spirit is a town besieged
The mind a colonel’s ache to leave
Wives place notes that flail downstream
That read “what shines not may still yet gleam”

The cinema is a mad man’s altar
Reality is held, then bends and falters
There you sit, with mouth agape
Charges of fury run from spine to nape

In fluorescent bronze, typewriter keys click
The soul lurks in it’s cage, it rages and spits
As you rest, clear complexities grasp you
You think of a God, and the questions she asks you