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Not Missed (Skeleton Song)

In Uncategorized on February 29, 2012 at 9:27 am

Original Composition by Justin Banks

When the camera hovered above the Olympic audience
Your face shone through, like embers in the rain
Captured for a second’s embrace
Those countless millions knew you were here

Where are you now?
Those oranges, picked by Brazilian hands as mercury rose
Withered and depleted as the skin on your frame
Eyes as sunken as civilizations that know not of the Lord’s name
Caramel colored moths flicker and weave through your hair

As the London rains play percussion upon window panes
Where are your sunny friends now?

Termites gorge on the innards of a housing project
Cockroaches ponder the drawbacks of immortality
The television documents the passing of time
The passing of torches
The illegal pass (Barcelona, of course)
The smooth rotation of a record has come to a halt (Bowie, of course)

The rent piled up like bones on the shores of Genocide
The credit coyotes howled and popped their teeth
The mailbox bubbled and burst like the pantries of neurotic emperors
And yet, those years, they passed

The lock was severed, the air writhed and dispersed
with the haste of freed beasts
There she lay in the stale regality of a cadaver’s grace
Skin coiled against the calcium undercurrent
Plasticized eyes carving grooves into the heavens

The movers shivered in the presence of dimmed existence
As he looked into the eyes of this Indian queen
His atheism contorts and he wonders…
Where is she now?