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I haven’t lost a thing

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Original Composition by Justin Banks

Drowning in lights at a black tea house
You speak of lost love over stiff sips
I cradle my back upon the peeling cushions
Fire off advice cribbed from daytime talking heads
and internet columns
“Reach out to her if it’s meant to be.”
What rubbish
We’re new pieces on the terrestrial chess board
And I haven’t lost a thing

You speak of the countless failures you suffered
to find Lake Tanganyika
The burning car you left on the freeway
The patch of marijuana in the less tolerant lands of Oregon
Evictions, rejections, and missed trains
The sleeping man in Bangladesh you discovered was slain
I wilt at your short-sighted complaints
A day of dynamism is better than a lifetime of stagnation
Any God would agree, even Logic nod’s slowly

Meanwhile the books pile into the heavens
The thin layer of dust lies upon the sunlight
as I create reasons to rise
The state borders encircle me
My mind is leasing new lands for tenements of worry
I build my body in case my personality detaches itself
Finds a new home, and brings the war to the physical realm

Don’t worry, dear friend
You could lose everything
Even the skin upon your back
You would smirk as blood drips down the trapezius
Find purpose in showing me the way
For existence gets heavy
I haven’t lost a thing.